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  • How can I see the print collection?
    In order to view our full print collection you will need to sign up and create a personal account, that is of course, free of any charge. After the confirmation from the design studio you will be able to shop the collection.
  • How do I pay for my favorite print design?
    Right now, we can only accept direct payments in advance. Please email if you are having any issues with the payment.
  • How will I receive my print file?
    After your payment you will recive an email with the direct link for the download of the original file.
  • In which format do I receive the design?
    All designs are either sold as PSD, Ai, or TIFF files. The correct file type is displayed on the product page.
  • Can I edit the design once I have purchased it?
    All prints come in a seamless pattern repeat and separated colors, so they are production-ready for rotary screen printing as well as digital printing. The colors can be easily modified, but if you need some help with your specific color theme for your collection, no worries, we will help you to realize your ideas.
  • Are all print designs sold exclusively?
    Yes, with purchasing one of the print designs, you are achieving the full exclusivity. Those prints will no longer be offerd to other customers.
  • Can I return a design I have bought?
    Designs are not refundable once the download link has been sent. If there are any problems with the file, you need to notify us within 7 days and we will provide a replacement.
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