The Bachelor Collection   I M P L Y I N G    L I N E S   is inspired by a work of art by Lygia Pape that was presented during the Venice art Biennale in 2009. The installation »Ttéia 1, C (Web)«  belongs to one of Pape´s most famous art series and unites the sensual, participatory and formal interests across Pape’s works. It shows shafts of glimmering, golden threads which are strained between the ceiling and the floor, creating striated beams that become animated by artificial lights. While walking through the angled arrays of threads, they are appearing and disappearing in an otherwise black space and create and effect of the viewer’s participation.


The collection does not only reflect the superficial characteristics but also the main statement the artist wanted to represent. In case of Lygia Pape, she wanted to include the viewer that tend to remain outside of this creative process.


By transferring this idea to a modern fashion collection it is up to the outside observers to decide about their participation whether by wearing, touching or deforming it. It is just about the interaction that helps to form an opinion about the art worthiness and analyse the relation between fashion and art at the same time.


Design and Photography:  

Nathalie Laureen Schenkel


Model:  Laura B.


Hair and Make-Up:  

Stefania Calabro